Valley Creek Vineyards

“Soldier Surprises Family - American Revolution”

The Muse

Balanced Breakfast

Attention Test

Freaky Friday

Stoner Chef's Table

Pizza Tracker

Meet Cute

Paradox Brand Detergent

A Message from the San Francisco City Manager

Seven Minutes in Heaven

I Have No Son

Due Process

New Lightsaber

Loyalty  —  a (non-comedic) short film

“Loyalty” was made for the 2016 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. It was entirely written, shot, and edited in 48 hours after we randomly drew the "Period Piece" genre.

2016 Required Elements:
Character: Oliver or Olivia Lentwell, Inspector
Line: “There’s only one thing to say."
Prop: a handmade poster.

2nd Place Overall
Best Use of Line
Best Use of Prop

What's your biggest fear?

Freshen Up

Book Club

Bloody Mary

Anything to Drink?

The Perfect Bomb

The First Man in Space

The Dummy

Trivial Pursuit

The Birthday Card

The Gift of The Magi

The Gift of the Magi - The Director's Cut

(Be sure to watch the original first.)

The White Suit

New Yorker (Part 1 of 3)

Party Thoughts

Lady Business

Comedian shuts down a heckler

Writer's Block


New Emoji!

A Cop Drama Sketch